Leather Cords

The manufacturing of leather cords has a long history. In the beginning it was mainly used for simple tools, later for harnesses, chariots or machines that required drive belts. Not to mention the famous roman sandals (caliga), body armors (lorica) or army bags (loculus) which had all leather cords applied and were used to conquer the then known world. Until today leather cords and leather laces are indispensable and mostly used in fashion goods, accessoires, shoes, bags, leashes and jewelry such as leather bracelets and necklaces. Our onlineshop offers leather cords for every purpose. Don’t hesitate to contacting us!

In the following categories you will find more than 2000 leather cords and leather laces. More than 100 colors and plenty of different leathers and designs. Allmost all of our leather cord is made in Europeand issold per meter in your desirable length.

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