It is quite a long way from the leather skin to an Eco Cord organic leather cord. At first, the leather skins are carefully checked for their origin in Germany and the quality. Then they are cleaned thoroughly. At the same time, the skin structure is carefully loosened.

Wenn tanning our organic leather, only low-sulphide liming, non-genetically modified enzymes and colours free of heavy metals are used. The plant parts are always obtained in compliance with species protection rules. For example, valonea flowers or the valonea fruit are used for dyeing.

The heavy metal chrome is not used during tanning process.

The leather skins for our Eco Cord organic leather cords are IVN certified. The leather skins are regularly tested by laboratories. In addition, not only the finished tanned leather skins are tested, but also all production steps. The excellent quality of the leather skins we use have been confirmed with all important certificates.

Depending on the colour schade, light and solar radiation lead to changes in the original colour over time. The following applies here:
* High light fastness value (LE) = slow change
* Low light fastness value (LE) = rapid change

blackLE = 5
castagnoLE = 4
brownLE = 3 - 4
light brownLE = 1 - 2
taupeLE = 1 - 2
greyLE = 1 +
navyLE = 3
redLE = 4
yellowLE = 2
ivoryLE = 3

The natural colour shades:

* ivory
* grey (Oxidation with iron oxide, contains no dye stuff)

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